OneDrive Updated with Drag & Drop and Files Support ↪︎

2018-01-30    Permalink

John Voorhees, writing for MacStories:

Microsoft has released version 10.1 of its OneDrive app with support for drag and drop on the iPad and a new, cleaner design.

Drag and drop support allows users to move files and folders within the OneDrive app or drag files into and out of other apps. For example, users can drag photos from OneDrive into an email message to add as an attachment or drag attachments from messages into OneDrive. Users can also access their OneDrive files from Apple’s Files app.

Despite the advances the Files app has brought for dealing with multiple cloud services on iOS, the experience remains inconsistent. Dropbox offers probably the best integration so far, with Google’s half-hearted attempt lagging behind. For a long time, OneDrive looked like it wasn’t even trying, so it’s good to see them adding support for it in their latest update. For those in the Office 365 universe – which includes many teachers – I know that this will be a godsend. The Office apps on iOS also recently (and quietly) added drag & drop support, bringing them much closer to being full citizens of iOS 11.

Of course, the best integrated cloud service with the Files app is still iCloud Drive, part of the reason I consolidated most of my personal and work files there after iOS 11 came out. While I’ve been happy with my experience of going all in on iCloud Drive, I hope that iOS 12 and future updates bring more of an even playing field for cloud services on iOS.